Classroom Information

For the Fall 2020 term and the Spring 2021 term, many spaces were provided to the Office of the Registrar on a temporary basis. All classroom spaces are updated to social distancing standards and offer dual-mode teaching capabilities. To view more information on a room, click on the room number listed below. A new page will open up, containing the following information:

PDF of Registrar classrooms: Available Registrar Classrooms

Classroom Technology list: Google Sheet

Bond Hall (1020)

Coleman-Morse Center (1163)

Corbett Family Hall (1252)

Crowley Hall (1015)

DeBartolo Hall (1144)

DeBartolo Performing Arts Center (1166)

Duncan Student Center (1254)

Eck Visitors Center (1158)

Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering (1088)

Flanner Hall (1085)

Galvin Life Science Center (1080)

Geddes Hall (1212)

Grace Hall (1086)

Haggar Hall (1037)

Hayes-Healy Center (1072)

Hesburgh Center for International Studies (1142)

Hesburgh Library (1076)

Jenkins and Nanovic Hall (1250)

Jordan Hall of Science (1193)

Joyce Center (1083)

Main Building (1008)

Maintenance Center (1059)

Malloy Hall (1165)

McCourtney Hall (1249)

Morris Inn (1049)

Nieuwland Science Hall (1050)

O'Neill Hall of Music (1253)

O'Shaughnessy Hall (1052)

Pasquerilla Center (1102)

Riley Hall (1021)

Snite Museum of Art - (1090)

South Dining Hall (1026)

Stepan Center (1062)

Washington Hall (1010)

West Lake Hall (1042)