Classroom Utilization and Available Rooms

  1. Classes that conform to the standard University class times will be given priority over non-standard class times
  2. Colleges must not exceed their allotment of rooms. The Classroom Utilization report provides information regarding the number of courses offered and where the allotments have been exceeded.
  3. See for current information on utilization of these allocations by college.
  4. The Office of the Provost has set the college allocations as follows:

College Allocated number of General Purpose rooms:
Allocated number of General Purpose rooms:
College of Arts & Letters 86 86
College of Engineering 15 14
College of Science 30 28
Mendoza College of Business 18 16
University (ESS, FYS, ROTC) 4 4

Classroom Utilizations Reports

The Classroom Utilization report is similar to the Number of Available Rooms report, but also includes:
  • Report lists the number of courses offered which need a General Purpose Room
  • Data is filtered down to a subject level

Classroom Utilization: