Grade Change Procedure

If an instructor determines that an assigned grade was issued incorrectly, due to a clerical or procedural error, it can be corrected by submitting a grade change eForm. A grade change is also required if the instructor failed to report a final grade to the University Registrar by the announced deadline.

The instructor who is submitting a grade change can fill out the eForm. On average, a grade change processing time, if approved, is within a week (depending on the timing of the request within the academic year).

  1. If a student's grade has been assigned incorrectly due to clerical or procedural error, or because of failure to submit a final grade by the grade reporting deadline, the instructor of the class must complete a grade change eForm. This included the student's ndID, the course number, the term in which the class was taught, and the reason for the requested change.

  2. The student's dean, and the course Dean will review the requested change to assure that University policies have been followed. The instructor may be contacted by the dean if there are questions or concerns. If approved, the dean will forward the approved change to the Office of the Registrar.

  3. The request is again reviewed by the Office of the Registrar staff and any questions or concerns are directed to the approving dean or instructor.

  4. If approved for processing, the grade change is entered on to the student's academic record and the student's grade point average is updated. If the change qualifies the student for an academic status change or deans honors, that change is also recorded.

Corrected transcripts are issued to the student’s dean and major department. The change, once recorded, is immediately viewable by the student on InsideND.

Faculty and students with questions regarding the eForm grade change procedure should contact Jason Wilt in the Office of the Registrar Jason Wilt or 574-631-5347).