Instructor Course Preference FAQ

New scheduling software is currently being implemented by The Office of the Registrar. For Fall 2013, the Instructor/Course Preference Form submission process will not be used. Instead, we will be using historical data (preferences and scheduled rooms) to create new baseline standards for all courses.

1) I need technology to teach my class. How can I ensure that I will get a room with technology?
    a. All but two of the 155 General Purpose rooms have full technology. The designation of full technology indicates that the room will have a resident PC, Mac Mini, projection capabilities, document camera, and DVD player.

2) What information is being used for the course preferences?
    a. Eight semesters of instructor course preferences have been reviewed and compared to the results (type of room received). That information provides the basis for the Fall 2013 preferences.
    b. We have worked closely with many of the departments over the years to define departmental standards, which help to refine search parameters. For example, disciplines which require a multi-panel chalkboard above all else, have that specific feature attached, but the course can be scheduled into various buildings across campus, as location becomes secondary.

3) Can I review that information?
    a. With the Fall 2013 semester, we are building out our new scheduling software with these preferences; the timing does not permit us to open the preferences up for review. In future terms, departments will be able to login, review the preferences, make changes, and share the information with faculty.

4) I am teaching classes back-to-back. Can I stay in the same room?
    a. Every attempt is made to keep instructors in the same room if they are teaching courses back-to-back. However, there are times where due to space considerations, we cannot keep you in the same room. In those cases, you will be placed into the same building.

5) I have submitted preference forms in the past and never seem to get the type of room that I want. Why is that?
    a. There are several factors which weigh into scheduling:
    i. Only courses which are active and in Banner as of March 20 get scheduled at that time. Courses which are added late or have meeting pattern changes after March 20 are assigned based on remaining rooms.
    ii. Courses which follow the standard meeting times receive the highest priority. MWF courses receive priority over MW courses.
    iii. If a college exceeds their allocation of General Purpose rooms, courses may go unassigned in the first round of scheduling. These "unassigned" courses are given a high priority to remain on the books and are scheduled into remaining spaces.
    iv. If you prefer a specific type of room, but the anticipated enrollment of your class makes the class eligible for a smaller room type, your course may be scheduled into the smaller room.
    v. Your course may be carrying preferences which preclude you from receiving a certain type of room.
6) How can I see more information regarding rooms?
    a. The websites you have traditionally turned to in the past are all going through major upgrades in 2013.
    i. General Purpose Rooms reviews basic information (building names, room numbers, capacity, room type).
    ii. The Classroom Management site permits user to search by building and room with links to room details and photos of most rooms (new site coming soon)
    iii. The Room Request site will be decommissioned on May 19, 2013. Our new site will feature detailed information regarding rooms, building hours, exams, and much more. The go-live date will be Monday, May 20.
7) What recourses do I have if I do not receive the type of room that I wanted?
    a. The Fall 2013 room assignments will be viewable on Class Search and Online Photo on Friday, April 12. Upon review, if you need to request a change, please e-mail our office at Room assignment changes are subject to availability and it may take some time before we can meet your requests. Typically, mid-April (after room assignments are made available), mid-August (prior to the start of the semester), and after the first seven class days (when low enrollment courses are canceled) are good times to look at options.

8) How will I be submitting information regarding software needs?
    a. You will be contacted at a later date by OIT in regards to your specific software needs.

9) What if I have specific needs that should be considered during scheduling?
    a. E-mail with details. Dependent upon the needs, course definitions, and availability we will do our best to accommodate your specific requirements.