Listserv Requests

The Registrar ND-selected listservs have been converted to Google Groups.

There are three options for sending listservs:


IrishLink groups are moderated by Internal Communications.  Please contact Jennifer Laiber at or 574-631-4753 or Gwen O’Brien at or 574-631-6646.

Please note the new addresses:


IrishLink Summer:


The new Google Group email addresses, along with their descriptions are below:  

Email Address
Student Population
All active students for current term

All active students for current term studying at Main campus             
All undergraduates for current term

All undergraduates for current term studying at Main campus

All undergraduates for current term, living in on-campus housing
All Freshmen for current term
All Sophomores for current term
All Juniors for current term              

All Seniors for current term

All Freshmen, Sophomore, and Juniors for current term

Graduate and Professional students in Graduate Architecture, Graduate Business, Graduate School, and Law School

PLEASE NOTE: Groups only include active Notre Dame students.

These Google Groups are pre-populated with the described groups of students for the current term.

Fall term - June 15 to December 31
Spring term - January 1 to June 14

To utilize a Google Group, please see the instructions below:
Send your email to the specific group listed above.

If you do not want your email sent as soon as possible, send a separate email to Stephanie Maenhout at specifying when it should be approved. Otherwise, it will be approved and sent as soon as possible.

Please Note:

UNLESS SPECIFIED OTHERWISE – your email will be approved as soon as possible (not on weekends, unless previously approved). Questions, please contact Stephanie Maenhout at or 574-631-6051.