Fall 2020 Scheduling

COVID-19 Community Update

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Changes to the Fall 2020 Academic Calendar, moving the standard meeting times to provide longer passing periods between classes, and rescheduling classes into spaces which accommodate University-approved social distancing protocols have required the Office of the Registrar to temporarily removed Fall registration and access to Fall course information.

Scheduling Timeline

June 5-27 Fall 2020 Registration, Class Search, and Class Rosters turned off for all students and administrators
June 16-22

Schedules showing new dates and times available for administrators in CourseLeaf CLSS

June 22-26

Classroom assignments will be made by Registrar

June 30

Fall 2020 Registration, Class Search turned back on

July 2

Fall 2020 Registration for readmits and transfer students

Changes to Fall 2020 Schedules

All current dates and times for classes are viewable in Courseleaf CLSS for normal department schedulers. Instructors without access can contact their departments or the Registrar for an export showing their classes. NOVO@nd.edu.

The start and end dates of the term are now August 10 – November 12 (final exams Nov. 16-20). The standard meetings times have been adjusted to increase the passing period between classes by five additional minutes. The Registrar has moved all of the dates of all classes to align with the new start and end dates. The Registrar has moved all of the class times to align with the new standard class times. Any classes that had been set on non-standard dates and/or at non-standard times were also moved based upon the best judgment of the Registrar and will require each department to review these dates and times. Time changes will only be made if the alignment was made incorrectly thereby creating student time conflicts or if classroom accommodations require the move.

Changes to instructors, enrollment max, restrictions, attributes, prerequisites and Department Approval made be made by those with access to their scheduling unit. Any other change requires need to be sent to classreq@nd.edu.

View the Fall 2020 standard class times in pdf color coded blocks.

View the COMPARISON of regular standard class times versus Fall 2020 class times in pdf.