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Welcome to the Training and Support services web site. We hope you find information at this site to be helpful. At the bottom of this page is further information on obtaining student and course data access; WebFile; and, Ad Hoc reporting.


Academic Course Management Academic Course Management Instructions
Class Search Class Search information page
Classroom Technology Creston Control features in the classrooms - various videos
CourseLeaf CLSS ADVANCED Training Tutorial CourseLeaf CLSS Training
EForms EForms Dashboard Tutorial
Electronic Student File (ESF) Electronic Student File advising procedures, documentation, and training guides for using the ESF.
FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act tutorial (All audiences)- length 20 minutes
Student Profile Student Advisor Profile - For use by advisors. Length 3:08 minutes
Student Profile - For use by students. Length 1:52 minutes
How do I obtain access and training to student or course corporate data in insideND?

There are three levels of access to insideND: advisor, department, or dean. Your position at the University will determine which level of access you will be given to the student record or course corporate data. A prerequisite for access and training is the completion of the FERPA tutorial.

What is WebFile?

WebFile is a utility that allows you to access your Institutional File Space using a Web browser. It is secure, versatile and most of all, it is easy. The Office of the Registrar utilizes this electronic storage method for report delivery to various academic units on campus. Each unit has a designated folder where their respective reports are electronically delivered as either a PDF or a spreadsheet.

What is the Ad Hoc report?

Ad Hoc is an end user parameter driven report. It is accessed by using Business Objects, the University recommended report writing software. This report allows you to query student corporate data via the Operational Data Store (ODS) to create a list of students in your college, major, or minor by class year, GPA, etc. Instructions for using the Ad Hoc Report tool.

For access to student or course corporate data in insideND, WebFile or the Ad Hoc report, please contact Joe Gettinger in the Office of the Registrar.