Only students can order transcripts. Students can login to insideND and use the "Transcript Request" link (within the Student Academic Services channel on the Student Academic tab) to order their transcript. Authentication into insideND is the student’s required "signature" for the transcript order. Students can also track their order at "Transcript Request - View Status". 

If there is a form that needs to be attached to the transcript, it can be brought into the Office of the Registrar, where the student can order their transcript through insideND on the office computers or it can be emailed to our office as a pdf attachment.

If a campus dorm address is filled in for the delivery address, the student must pick-up the transcript from our office. We do not send transcripts through campus mail.

Electronic: The Office of the Registrar offers official electronic transcripts (e-transcripts). The content of the official transcript is converted into a PDF document and delivered to the recipient by our contracted provider, eScrip-Safe.

There is NO FEE for current student transcripts unless special delivery is requested.

The Office of the Registrar does not produce transcripts for certificate, seminar, or workshop credit. Only "admitted" students taking regular University of Notre Dame courses can receive official transcripts from our office. 

Requests for transcripts will not be honored if students are financially indebted to the University and the Office of Students Accounts has placed a transcript hold on the record.

For further information, please visit the current student transcript page.