Grade Report Form Information

Final grade information is available to students in the Student Services channel of insideND upon being reported by the faculty and processed by the Office of the Registrar. This will usually occur the day after grades are due to the University Registrar from the faculty.

Circumstances may exist in which a student is required to have an official paper copy of his/her final grades. A request form is available for this purpose. Please complete the form, sign it, and send it to the Office of the Registrar, 300 Grace Hall. Once completed, a paper final Grade Report will be mailed for each term of the current academic period (i.e. Fall, Spring, and Summer or Spring and Summer). After this academic period, the request must be renewed.

Additional grade reports are available upon request for personal use or for a financial sponsor only. Requests for mailers to be sent for purposes of scholarship, admission, or verification purposes will be denied.

Please note that a final grade report only contains grade information for one term. Students who need a complete grade history at Notre Dame will need to order an official transcript. To order an official transcript, go to the Student Channel of insideND, and choose "Transcript Request."

First Year students and all undergraduate students who have a mid-term grade deficiency will be mailed a mid-term deficiency grade report to the student's home address.