Leave of Absence

Academic regulation regarding the Leave of Absence Policy can be found in the Academic Code.

The Compendium of Guidelines and Policies for the 2020/2021 Academic Year.

Requesting a Leave of Absence

The student must contact his/her dean before the semester in which they would like to take a leave of absence. A student cannot take a Leave of Absence for more than two consecutive semesters. If the student is planning to study elsewhere during their leave, the dean of the student's college may approve the leave as a "Study Leave" in order for the credits (classes) to be transferred to the University of Notre Dame. A leave can be granted for the following reasons depending on the student's level:

  • Undergraduate students: Study, Athletic training, Military, Mission work
  • Graduate students: Study, Athletic training, Military, Mission work, Medical, and Personal

Leave of Absence Request eForm

An e-mail will be sent for the term in which the student will return to the University approximately 2-1/2 weeks before registration. The student should check insideND for the most up-to-date information regarding the Hours of Instruction.

The student should contact his/her major department for their PIN for registration. An advising appointment time should also be set up at this time (if this has not taken place before the leave began). The student's registration time ticket and course information are available on insideND.

All students are required to complete the ND Roll Call process for the semester in which they are returning. This will be completed by using the ND Roll Call feature on insideND. Please remember that students must complete the ND Roll Call process and register each semester.

First Year students (freshmen) returning from a Leave of Absence should contact the First Year of Studies to register for classes. The student will use the ND Roll Call feature on insideND to verify attendance.

If the student wishes to live on-campus upon their return, they should contact the Office of Housing by email or call (574) 631-5878 for placement onto a waiting list.

Any unpaid balance due on the student's account from a prior semester must be resolved before their return to Notre Dame. Contact the Office of Student Accounts at (574) 631-7113 or in Room 116 in the Main Building.

If the student does not expect to return to the University, please contact Jason Wilt (574) 631-5347.

If you have any questions regarding Leave of Absence policies or procedures, please contact Jason Wilt, (574) 631-5347.