Fall 2020 Registration Information

Changes to the Fall 2020 Academic Calendar, moving the standard meeting times to provide longer passing periods between classes, and rescheduling classes into spaces which accommodate University-approved social distancing protocols have required the Office of the Registrar to temporarily remove Fall registration and access to Fall course information. We expect fall to be back up approximately June 30.

Information for fall registration was emailed to students on April 2. Fall classes can be found on insideND.

ND Roll Call will be available on August 4 through insideND. All students must complete ND Roll Call by August 17. It is also the last date to add or drop classes on-line.

Please view the registration information document. Also view the Fall 2020 Registration Checklist before you register.

The web registration brochure is helpful for a quick registration overview of the NOVO system. Please view the NOVO Registration Tutorial for a detailed explanation of Browse Classes and the NOVO Registration system.

A reference list of major and minor advisors for undergraduate students can be found at https://registrar.nd.edu/pdf/advisor_list.pdf.

How do I change a variable credit hour class?

There are four types of classes now appearing in the location field on a student Fall 2020 schedule:  

Read up on the Frequently Asked Questions document for any registration inquiries you may have.

Registration Schedule
April 15 Seniors begin
April 17 Continuing Graduate School and Master of Non-Profit Admin. begin
April 20 Juniors begin
April 22 Sophomores begin
April 22 Law (3rd year, LLM, and JSD) begin
April 23 Law (2nd year) begin
April 24 Non-degree students, students going to off-campus programs, and St. Mary's College students taking classes at ND begin
May 13 New Graduate School students begin
August 10 Employees begin

If you have any questions regarding student registration, please email novo@nd.edu.