Spring 2021 Registration Information

Winter Session classes will be available on November 9. Standard classes will be held January 4-27. For updated information, please visit: https://here.nd.edu/academics/winter-session/. The last day to add a Winter Session class is January 5.

Class look-up information: To find the Winter Session classes go to NOVO “Browse Classes”, choose "Spring Semester 2021", use the “Advanced Search” feature, and select “Winter Session” in the “Part of Term” field.

Information pertaining to Spring 2021 registration will be emailed to students on November 9 afternoon. Please review the following Registration information document. Registration appointments are December 2-9 and will be held from Noon-2:00 p.m. (EST)

The web registration brochure is helpful for a quick registration overview of the NOVO system. Please view the NOVO Registration Tutorial for a detailed explanation of Browse Classes and the NOVO Registration system. Variable credit hour information can be located in the Frequently Asked Questions document.

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions document for any registration inquiries you may have.

Time Tickets
Dec. 2 Seniors begin
Dec. 3 Graduate School, and Master of Non-Profit Admin. begin
Dec. 4 Juniors begin
Dec. 7 Sophomores begin
Dec. 9 Undergraduate first year students begin
Dec. 11 Non-degree students (including all Saint Mary's students registering for a ND class) begin
TBA New Graduate students
Jan. 11 Undergraduate Transfers and Readmits - contact your college or dept. for advising
Feb. 1 Employees and new non-degree students begin

If you have any questions regarding student registration, please email novo@nd.edu.