Electronic Transcript Request

The University now offers official electronic transcripts (e-transcripts). The content of the official transcript is converted into a PDF document and delivered to the recipient by eScrip-Safe, the authorized delivery agent selected by the University. This is the most secure and the quickest method to deliver an official transcript, but the student should make certain that the recipient is willing to receive an official e-transcript.

The Process

Current Students: Login to insideND and use the "Transcript Request" link (within the Student Academic Services channel on the Student Academic tab) to order an e-transcript. Select the transcript type of Official Electronic Transcript. Your authentication into insideND is the required "signature" for your transcript order.

Former Students: Complete the Transcript Request Form. All transcript requests require your signature. To order an e-transcript, select the transcript type of Electronic Transcript. Print the completed transcript request form then fax or mail it to the Office of the Registrar.

Currently, e-transcript requests are processed at least four times each workday, Monday-Friday. Once processed, the e-transcript is immediately sent to the designated recipient. E-transcript requests submitted after 4:00 p.m. EST are processed the following business day and requests are not processed over the weekend or during University holidays.

When the e-transcript has been released by the Office of the Registrar, the transcript recipient will receive an email containing a secure link to access the official e-transcript. The email will be sent by “eScrip-Safe.” Recipients who seem not to have received the e-transcript should check their spam folder to make sure the email was not intercepted by their spam filter. The recipient will have 14 business days to view the official transcript. If not viewed during that period, another e-transcript must be requested by the student. Once viewed by the recipient, the transcript will remain available for 24 hours before being deleted from the eScrip-Safe server.

Students provide their email address when ordering official e-transcripts. Then, as an added benefit of the e-transcript service, the students will receive two notification emails: one when the e-transcript has been sent and another when the e-transcript has been opened by the recipient. Both emails will be sent by “eScrip-Safe.” If the first email notification is not received within one business day, make sure the notification was not intercepted by a spam filter.

Although the University provides official electronic transcripts, some recipients may require official paper transcripts. Confirm that the recipient accepts official electronic transcripts prior to submitting the official electronic transcript request.

Saving Official Electronic Transcripts

The recipient has 14 business days to view the e-transcript, but once viewed, the transcript will remain available for only 24 hours on the eScrip-Safe server. If a saved copy is necessary, a recipient can follow these approved methods to retain a copy.

  1. Save the transcript to a document imaging system
  2. Save the transcript to a secure storage space
  3. Print the transcript and store in secure file space

No matter which storage method is used, the recipient must make sure the document is secure and FERPA guidelines are followed.

Test for Authenticity

Recipients can verify the authenticity of electronic transcript by uploading the PDF document into eScrip-Safe’s transcript validation program, Doc-Safe https://escrip-safe.com/validate/transcript.

Questions and comments can be e-mailed to the Office of the Registrar or by calling (574)631-7043.

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