Our Mission

The Office of the Registrar functions as a service office to the University's academic community. The office strives to accomplish its mission using the most appropriate current methods, making most efficient use of university resources while seeking to enhance service to all constituents.

It is the responsibility of the Office of the Registrar to maintain an accurate and complete academic history for each current and former student; to provide an effective method of class registration and ND Roll Call; to maintain up-to-date and secure student data files and make this information available as appropriate and in compliance to FERPA regulations and the University Data Use Policy; to maintain up-to-date and complete course files (course catalog); to prepare and publish the class and examination schedules; to manage the publication of all official bulletins of the University; to manage the use of the University classrooms; to coordinate commencement activities; to provide official transcripts, verifications, and other student and course based reports as required; to interpret the academic policies to students, academic administrators, and faculty members as required; and, to perform other academic administration responsibilities as designated by the Provost.