Enrollment & Registration

What is registration?

Registration is the process of signing up for classes. Students can make registration plans through PATH in advance of their registration date and time. Registration is completed through NOVO. Both NOVO and PATH are available through insideND.


Registration Timeline for the Spring 2023 Term

Date Description
Nov. 14  Seniors begin
Nov. 15  Law 3rd years begin
Nov. 16 Juniors and Law 2nd years begin
Nov. 17 Graduate School, Graduate Architecture, and Master of Non-Profit Administration begin
Nov. 18 Sophomores begin
Nov. 21 Undergraduate first-year students begin
Nov. 22 Law 1st years begin (one hour on this day for 3 credit hours, and then through Law School Registrar)
Nov. 30 Non-degree students (including all Saint Mary's students registering for a ND class) and students going to off-campus programs begin
Dec. 14 (Tentative) Undergraduate Readmitted students begin
Dec. 14 (Tentative) Undergraduate Transfer students begin
TBD NDI Exchange students begin
Jan. 10 Inspired Leadership Initiative begins
Jan. 12 Employees, Holy Cross traditional and new non-degree students begin

What is enrollment?

Enrollment requires students to fill out ND Rollcall each semester to let us know that you plan to attend the current semester, if you have any address changes, if you plan to graduate in the specific semester, plus additional information. Update ND Rollcall through insideND.