Future Graduation Dates

There is no commencement ceremony for the January or August dates. The Graduate School, Graduate Business, and Law School ceremonies will take place on Saturday - the day before the May University Commencement Ceremony and undergraduate diploma ceremonies.

Any questions regarding Commencement should be directed to the Office of the Registrar at Commencement or (574) 631-7043.

Dates after August 2024 are unofficial.


  • January: 7
  • May: 18, 19
  • August: 4


  • January: 5
  • May: 17, 18
  • August: 3


  • January: 4
  • May: 16, 17
  • August: 2

Graduation dates are determined as follows:

January Graduation Date

The official January graduation date shall be the first Sunday in January after final grades are due and after the University reopens from Christmas break.  If that Sunday falls on January 1, there will be an exception and the graduation date will be January 8.

May Graduation Date

The official May graduation date shall be the third Sunday in May. If Spring Break falls during Holy Week then the semester will begin one week later and graduation will be the fourth Sunday in May.

  • The official graduation date for undergraduate students is the first Sunday after final grades are due.
  • The official graduation date for professional students (Graduate School, Law School, Graduate Architecture, and Graduate Business) is the first Saturday after final grades are due.

July/August Graduation Date

Beginning with 2014*, the official July/August graduation date shall be the first Sunday after the regular Summer Session grades are due.

* Prior to 2014, the August graduation date was the Wednesday following the first Friday in August. This was also 5 days after the regular seven-week summer session last class day.