Core University Requirements Review

Asking a Course to be reviewed for the Core

The University’s Core Curriculum was phased into the undergraduate curriculum for incoming First Year students in the 2018-2019 academic year. Details about the requirements can be found here:

Here are the deadlines for sending Core review requests for the 2023-24 academic year:

The Core review request deadline each semester is approximately six weeks before the start of undergraduate web registration to provide the Core curriculum subcommittees with ample review time. Courses should be sent to the subcommittees for Core review via the new ACM Tool available either in insideND or by using the link pasted at the bottom of these instructions.  

Each Core review request requires at least two – and may require up to three – supporting documents:

  1. a course syllabus that includes a statement explaining concisely to the students how this course will meet the learning goals for the Core Curriculum Ways of Knowing and what skills or attributes the students will gain (required).
  2. a more detailed statement directed at the Core Curriculum Subcommittee of how the course meets the course criteria and learning goals of the selected Way of Knowing (required)
  3. supplementary materials (as required; see below)


Guidelines and examples of syllabi and the Core Curriculum Subcommittee statements can be found on the Core Curriculum web site at:


The following Ways of Knowing require a third supplemental document:

It is also possible to upload optional supporting materials within the Academic Course Management Tool.

To create a New University Requirement Form for Core review, access Academic Course Management (ACM).

Please note that a separate New University Requirement Form must be sent for each Way of Knowing requirement and can only be sent for a course that already exists in the University’s Course Catalog.

Here are the University Core Requirement review process steps:

Step 1.  New University Requirement Form sent – After a faculty instructor or department representative sends a New University Requirement form, the subcommittee chairperson will get an email notification to visit the Academic Course Management (ACM) Dashboard.

Step 2.  New University Requirement Form reviewed – Each University Core Requirement subcommittee can review the course in the ACM Dashboard’s "Open" tab and choose to . . .

  • (a) post comment(s) which will trigger an email to the original ACM form author.  (The subcommittees are asked to be as detailed as possible in their comments – especially if the author's response is needed.)
  • (b) leave the form in the "Open" tab if the subcommittee is waiting for additional materials or revisions
  • (c) click on Approve or Decline as appropriate.


Step 3.  New University Requirement Form decision forwarded – After the subcommittee clicks on Approve or Decline, the chairman of the Core Curriculum Committee will see the decision, has an opportunity to post additional comments, and clicks on Approve or Decline.  This triggers another notification email to the form's original author.  At this point, the approved or declined University Requirements Form gets listed under the "Pending Processing" tab of the ACM Dashboard.


Step 4.  New University Requirement Form processed - The Registrar's Office implements the approval/decline decision in the University’s records and automatically codes cross-lists as approved as well.  This triggers a final notification email to the form's original author.