Buildings and Rooms

Room Assignments for Classes and Exams

As part of the course scheduling process, classes are scheduled into Registrar rooms across the campus as requested. Once a term is published, all room assignment information is viewable on Class Search. Registrar classroom usage is allocated out by college, based on schedule demands. More information on room utilization by college is available here.

Final exams and departmental exams are scheduled by the Office of the Registrar. The official schedules are available here.

Use of Registrar Rooms Outside of Class Time

Registrar rooms are available at no-charge for course-related work, departmental meetings, etc. and are only available for the current term. Availability for the term opens up the Friday before the start of each term. All faculty and staff may reserve rooms online at

Student clubs must register their events and request a room through NDCentral. Students interested in reserving space for individual study sessions may do so at the Hesburgh Library.