Electronic Student File

ESF Information

In building an integrated Electronic Student File (ESF) solution, the University recognizes the value of a common approach to creating and maintaining advising notes. Such a system provides a place to record, share and integrate the advice that various University advising offices provide to undergraduate students during their time at Notre Dame. In place of the separate notes that each office makes and keeps as it works with students, the ESF will provide a tool that facilitates the sharing of a student’s advising history between advising offices working with that student. This tool is expected to help advisors better understand a student’s history at Notre Dame and better integrate past advising or guidance into their own advice to the student. This routine sharing of advising information between offices should enhance a student’s experience with his or her advisors.


Academic Record Contents

The Education Record is defined by the Department of Education as records a) directly related to a student and b) maintained by an education agency or institution or by a party acting for the agency or institution. The Education Record includes information pertinent to advising, which we have defined as the Student File, and includes the student’s Academic Record (related to FERPA requests), and other artifacts created in the advising process

The digital Academic Record includes:

Access to the System

If you need access and training on the Electronic Student File System please contact Becca Rutkowski at 631-2155.

Please contact Chuck Hurley at 631-7495 for questions.