Preferred Name

Preferred First Name

The University of Notre Dame recognizes that students may wish to use a preferred first name rather than their legal first name to identify themselves. The University supports students in this choice and has implemented the use of the preferred name in a number of University systems. Any student may designate a preferred first name regardless of whether they have legally changed their name.

How to Add, Update, or Delete a Preferred First Name

To add, update, or remove your preferred name, please go to insideND, and search for "Personal Information”. Click to open and choose the edit button in the Personal Details section to add, update, or remove your preferred name. For some applications, changes to the preferred first name will display immediately. For others, changes may take up to 24 hours to appear.

Preferred First Name is used in the following University systems:

  • eForms
  • Ellucian Banner (Student Information System)
  • Okta
  • Google
  • Canvas
  • Path Class Search
  • University Directory

Where will my Legal Name be used?

Your Legal Name will be used in University processes that require the use of a Legal Name. These include:

  • International Students and Scholars Affairs (ISSA) Documents
  • Office of Student Accounts documents (including bills)
  • Financial Aid Documents (including refund checks)
  • Office of Student Employment (including paychecks)
  • Federal Requests for Information
  • National Student Clearinghouse
  • Enrollment and degree verifications
  • Official Transcripts


University policy allows students to indicate a preferred first name different from their legal first name on their diploma.

Preferred Name Restrictions

Preferred Names may not be used for purposes of fraud or misrepresentation. The University reserves the right to remove a Preferred Name if it contains inappropriate, offensive language or unsupported characters. Federal or state law, licensing regulations, and related policies may limit the use of a preferred name in place of a legal name.

If you have additional Preferred Name questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar at