Exam Information

Many large courses offer combined exams on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and are considered part of the official exam schedule. The official Departmental Exam schedule of the current term is as follows:

Location information for departmental exams:

Final exams are administered to students at the time and place stipulated in the official exam schedule. Final exams are scheduled by the Office of the Registrar and are considered official; final exams for the summer term occurs on the last class day. The official final exam schedule for the current term is as follows:

Location information for final exams:

General Information Regarding Exams

Faculty requests for changes to any exam must be vetted through the dean's office for consideration and approval. During the semester, any exams other than those listed on the official schedule must be offered during class time.

Instructors may not schedule review sessions or other class meetings (whether optional or otherwise) during the final examination period. (Undergraduate Academic Code

The Undergraduate Academic Code states, "No student shall be required to take more than two final examinations in one day or more than three examinations in a 24-hour period. Any student with exam conflicts must contact his/her dean at least one week before the start of the final exam period to allow for sufficient time to resolve the conflict."  Make-up exams are scheduled and administered through the dean's office.