Faculty Grading Information

Midterm Grading

All First Year undergraduates must be graded for all courses regardless of the grade (A - F). As well, any upperclassman during the first half of a semester doing unsatisfactory work (i.e. C-, D, or F) must be reported to the Registrar.  If there are no students in a class receiving deficient grades, instructors will need to affirm this, too.  All midterm items must be done using the Faculty Grade Entry tool. Graduate, Graduate Business, and Law students DO NOT receive midterm grades

Midterm Grade Submission Instructions

Final Grading

Final grades are reported by the faculty to the Office of the Registrar no later than 72 hours after the end of final examinations and are recorded on the student's academic record by term. Academic standing and honors are based on final grades.

Send Final Grades from within Canvas

Once grades have been finalized in your Canvas gradebook, you can submit your grades directly to the Registrar from within Canvas.  No need to go into Faculty Grade Entry.

Canvas Grading Instructions

Manually report grades with Faculty Grade Entry

Grade students individually in your class by selecting grades from a dropdown menu.  Ideal for smaller classes.

Final Grade Submission Instructions

Grade Upload with Faculty Grade Entry

This tool assists those with larger classes submit their midterm and final grades more efficiently.  It allows a faculty member to take an existing electronic grade book and upload the grades directly into the system. The electronic grade book can be a manually created spreadsheet or a downloaded class roster from Faculty Grade Entry.

Grade Upload Instructions


If you have any questions, please contact Kate O'Brien (574) 631-5347.