Graduation List Eligibility

The following are the requirements for eligibility to be placed on the graduation list at the beginning of the semester you plan to graduate:

Degree Requirement


Must be within 6 credit hours of fulfilling the degree requirement. Please contact your dean's office for further information.
Law Please contact the Law School (574-631-6895) for further information.
Graduate Busniess Please contact your program managers for further information.

Eligibility Requirements for Students "participating not graduating"

Undergraduate students must be no more than six (6) credits from degree completion in order to be eligible for participation in May Commencement. 

Students in five-year, single-degree programs are eligible to participate no earlier than their fifth year (e.g. Architecture program or multiple majors*).

A student may participate in May Commencement exercises only once, unless he or she earns a second degree in a separate year. Student receiving a second degree (dual degree*) may participate in two separate May Commencement exercises. For example, a student may ENROLL IN A FORMAL DUAL DEGREE PROGRAM AND seek both the Bachelor of Science and MBA degrees. Subject to the approval of the undergraduate and graduate advisor, the student may participate in the undergraduate ceremony for Science at the end of the fourth year, then participate in the MBA ceremony at the end of the fifth year. Both degrees would typically be earned at the conclusion of the fifth year.

On a case-by-case basis, the dean will certify eligibility for early participation and notify the Office the Registrar via a "Participating Not Graduating" form. All students, and their guests, in this category will be able to participate in Commencement Weekend festivities and ceremonies. The only difference is that when their name is called to walk across the stage at their college or departmental ceremony, the diploma case will not contain their official diploma. The diploma will be available once the student has completed their degree requirements.

If a student is allowed to "participate not graduate" in one year's ceremonies, they are not permitted to participate in a future commencement ceremony for the same degree.

*Dual degrees and multiple majors, which would extend or add onto an undergraduate degree program, must be officially declared and approved prior to the completion of the first undergraduate degree.