Midterm Grade Submission Instructions

Important Notes About Midterm Grades

  • All First Year undergraduates must be graded for all courses regardless of the grade (A - F).
  • If an upperclassman during the first half of a semester is doing unsatisfactory work (i.e. C-, D, or F), you must report this to the Registrar using the Faculty Grading Tool.  Instructors will need to affirm if there are no students in a class receiving deficient grades in the same manner.
  • "X" grades cannot be assigned at midterm.
  • If a student has not been attending class, assign him/her the grade he/she has earned thus far.
  • Graduate, Graduate Business, and Law students DO NOT receive midterm grades
  • If you are assigning a deficient grade of "C-", "D" or "F", you will note that there are grades and indicators of C- (1), C- (2), C- (3)….F (5), F(6) to allow you to select the deficient grade and the most appropriate reason for the deficient grade. Only one deficiency grade and reason combination can be selected per student. [Example a midterm grade of "D" for a student with "Excessive Absences" would result in be a D3 grade. This same student may have also had poor test scores, but the primary reason has been his/her poor attendance.]
C- Grade Options D Grade Options F Grade Options
C- (1) – Poor Test Grades D (1) – Poor Test Grades F (1) – Poor Test Grades
C- (2) – Poor Class or Lab Performance D (2) – Poor Class or Lab Performance F (2) – Poor Class or Lab Performance
C- (3) – Excessive Absences D (3) – Excessive Absences F (3) – Excessive Absences
C- (4) – Failure to Hand in Required Work D (4) – Failure to Hand in Required Work F (4) – Failure to Hand in Required Work
C- (5) – Deficient in Written Work D (5) – Deficient in Written Work F (5) – Deficient in Written Work
C- (6) – Deficient in Reading and/or Written English      D (6) – Deficient in Reading and/or Written English      F (6) – Deficient in Reading and/or Written English     

Step-by-step Instructions for Grading

  1. Log into InsideND.
  2. Search on Grade Submission. Click on the Grade Submission Task.
  3. Choose the class you want to grade by clicking on the subject of the class. This list only shows the classes for which you are listed as an instructor.
  4. To view more than 25 students per page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and change the number of students per page.
  5. Click on the drop down arrow for each student to see the eligible grades.
  6. Click on the grade you are assigning the student. Once you have clicked on it, it will appear in the box.
  7. Press “Save” often to save the grades you have entered.
  8. Continue entering midterm grades for the appropriate students (see IMPORTANT NOTES above).
  9. Press save before moving on to the next page if applicable.  NOTE: You can continue to access the class list and adjust your grades until the deadline announced by the Office of the Registrar.
  10. If you have another class to grade, click on the course at the top of the page and repeat steps 1-10.
  11. When finished grading make sure you have pressed “save” to save the grades entered. To close the browser, click on the “X” in the upper right corner of the screen.


If you have any questions, please contact Kate O'Brien (574) 631-5347.