Employee Education Benefit Program

General Information

Course Restrictions

Many courses have restrictions placed on them which may require you to contact the department in advance for approval to enroll in the course.  You can review course information, meeting times, and restriction information online at Browse Classes or PATH Class Search.

Course Attendance, Participation, and Auditing

By enrolling in a course, the expectation will be that you participate in all aspects of the class.  Course attendance, coursework, and finals will likely be a part of your work. While you may elect to audit the course, the same level of participation will be expected.

Auditing a Class

Auditing a class simply means that you will not receive a grade for the class at the end of the semester. After you web register for the class through insideND, you will need to request that your class instructor email our office to authorize your auditing of the class. You will be charged the same tuition rate regardless if you audit or receive credit for the coursework.  Our office would then change the grade mode to "A" and the status to “AU", for audit.

Tuition Remission

Tuition remission may be considered a taxable benefit.   This is determined by the Payment Services Office based on the information submitted to Human Resources.  If it is determined that the course is a taxable benefit, the appropriate taxes will be withheld on your paycheck. 

Billing Information

Once you have registered for the course and completed ND roll call, you will receive a billing statement from Student Accounts for all charges which may include any fees associated with this class. You will be billed for all academic-year courses regardless of your intent to either audit or if you will receive a grade in the class.  For more information regarding charges, call Student Accounts at 1-7113. Identify yourself as a Notre Dame employee in a non-degree seeking class.

Step 1 – Obtaining Approval of Human Resources to Receive the Employee Tuition Benefit
Visit the Human Resources website to complete the Non-Degree or Degree seeking tuition benefit form.

Step 2 – Registering for your Course

  1. You will need the CRN (course reference number) for registration and department approvals.  You can find your CRN on Browse Classes or Class Search
  2. Obtain departmental approval or overrides if required for your selected course by contacting the department offering the course.  You can view requirements in Browse Classes by clicking on the course title and then clicking on Restrictions, Corequisites and Prerequisites.  You can view requirements Class Search by clicking on the Course-Sec of the class.
  3. You will receive an email from the Office of the Registrar letting you know your registration time ticket.
  4. When you are ready to register, log on to insideND using your Notre Dame NetID and password.  (If you do not have your NetID please use the same link https://inside.nd.edu/ and then click in the search box next to the InsideND logo and type "Get your NetID”.  Then, click on the Activate your NetID & Password icon.  Follow the instructions provided on the page and you will need your ndID number to get your NetID.  For forgotten or lost passwords, you must visit the OIT Help Desk at 128 DeBartolo Hall and present a photo id card.)  For other access or technical issues the OIT Help Desk can be reached via email at oithelp@nd.edu or 574-631-8111. 
  5. Find the task for NOVO Registration through InsideND. CAS Authenticate (Sign in) using you NetID and password.  Then select from the Terms Open for Registration the appropriate term (i.e. Fall 2016) in the drop-down menu and click gray Continue button.  

Step 3 – Completing ND Roll Call

  1. In your email from the Office of the Registrar, you will be informed of the time period in which you must complete ND Roll Call.  During this time window, you will log on to insideND to complete ND Roll Call.
  2. Click in the search box and type “ND Roll Call”.
  3. Click on the red icon titled: “ND Roll Call Student Use Only” and the “I am verifying my attendance…”option.
  4. Follow the screens through to the end and click the Submit button.
  5. You will receive a confirmation page that acknowledges you are enrolled for the semester.

If you have questions applying for the employee/spouse tuition benefits, please visit the Human Resources website.

If you have questions regarding registration for classes as a non-degree employee, retiree, or spouse, please email novo@nd.edu or call 574-631-1479.

Class Drop or Withdrawal

Once an employee has registered for a course and has completed ND Roll Call, they must complete a Separation from University or Summer Session Discontinuance eForm.  This will allow the employee to drop or withdraw from a course if it is their only course during the current semester.