ND/HCC Agreement

There has been a long-standing relationship between the University of Notre Dame and Holy Cross College under which HCC students are allowed to take certain classes at UND, and UND students are allowed to take certain classes at HCC.

The following guidelines will apply for all Notre Dame and/or Holy Cross College undergraduate students participating in the agreement:

    1. The student must enroll as a non-degree seeking student at the Host Institution.
    2. The Registrar of the Host Institution will coordinate with the Registrar of the Home Institution regarding such enrollment, and the student will not be required to apply for admission to the Host Institution to take a course under this Memorandum.
    3. The student must have at least 24 credits on the Home Institution transcript.
    4. The student must be a full-time student at the Home Institution and maintain full-time status at the Home Institution, and the student’s class load at the Host Institution shall not be counted toward the student’s full-time status at the Home Institution.
    5. At the time the student enrolls as a non-degree seeking student at UND, the HCC student’s cumulative GPA must be 3.3 or higher. All UND and HCC participating students must be in good academic standing at the Home Institution.
    6. The student must have an adequate reason for taking a course at the Host Institution, including but not limited to: schedule conflicts, course unavailability in a given semester at the Home Institution, or the Home Institution does not offer a course similar to that of the Host Institution.
    7. The student will be allowed to take only one class per semester at the Host Institution. Classes that will not count against this one-class-per-semester rule include service learning and activity-based courses such as the Center for Social Concerns Service Learning Program credit, service immersion experiences, choirs, Mock Trial, Campus Ministry choirs, and other activity opportunities bearing one or two academic credits. Students can receive academic credit for these service learning and activity-based courses in addition to a standard 3- or 4-credit course. The requirement of a minimum 3.3 GPA and 24 credit minimum is waived for these classes.
    8. The student may take a class under this agreement only during the Fall and Spring semesters (Summer Session courses are not covered by this agreement).
    9. The student must satisfy all pre-requisites, co-requisites, and restrictions of the Host Institution and the class in which the student seeks to enroll, or otherwise obtain appropriate overrides to get into the class.
    10. Students are welcome to enroll in undergraduate courses as long as the student meets the above criteria, and an in-person seat is available at the time of registration.
    11. The Host Institution shall not charge a student enrolled in one of its classes under this agreement any amount for tuition, apart from lab or studio fees. The administration and award of financial aid for the student will be the responsibility and sole purview of the Home Institution, and the student will not be eligible for any financial aid from the Host Institution.
    12. This agreement does not apply to the registration of HCC students in ROTC or Band classes at UND, which is handled separately by the institutions.