ND/SMC Co-Exchange Program

The University of Notre Dame and Saint Mary's College maintain a cooperative program permitting students to take courses at the neighboring institution. In addition to attending classes, the two institutions share many activities in the area of academics as well as social events, choral groups and music ensembles, student organizations (including a daily newspaper and the Notre Dame marching band) and community service projects.

The following guidelines will apply for all Notre Dame and/or Saint Mary's undergraduate students participating in the co-exchange program:

  • All courses are eligible in the co-exchange program.
  • For Notre Dame students, department major requirements must be fulfilled at Notre Dame. However, Saint Mary's courses may be chosen from any discipline, including the student's major field. In the latter case, it is understood that the course will count as an elective.
  • No charge will be assessed for musical organizations such as marching band, concert band, and orchestra, and chorale and choirs.
  • Only full-time students are eligible for participation in this program.
  • The Notre Dame student's advisor must approve any Saint Mary's course.
  • The co-exchange is only available to undergraduate students.
  • Notre Dame NetID related services, which include but are not limited to email, Canvas, NetFile and insideND are only temporary for students enrolled in the SMC@ND Co-Exchange Program. In any semester in which the Co-Exchange is in effect and you are not registered for a Notre Dame class, these services are terminated and all data purged. Please use these Notre Dame NetID related services only in the context of the course. It is strongly advised to use your Saint Mary's email whenever possible.

If you have any questions or need assistance with ND/SMC Co-Exchange, please email Nondegree@nd.edu.