Help During Registration

Contact the Academic Services Team for assistance: or 574-631-7043

Resolutions for common problems

  • Message "Invalid username/password": It appears that you are experiencing a timeout issue related to OKTA authentication. To resolve this, please open an incognito/private window (ctrl-shift N in Chrome; ctrl-shift P in Firefox and IE; shift-command N in Safari); and try again.
  • Message in PATH "Your cart could not be updated, please try again.  Error: Request did not complete successfully.  Please try again.": To resolve this issue, please make sure you are connected to the EDUROAM wifi network instead of the ND-Guest network when on Notre Dame's main campus.
  • Message in NOVO "Administrative staff are reviewing your registration records at this time. Please try again later.": To resolve this, please make sure you do not have any other registration windows open and try again.

Helping us help you

If you continue to have problems using a Registrar application, sending the following information in an email to  will help us help you more quickly: 

  1. Date that the issue occurred
  2. Time that the issue occurred
  3. Accurate description of the issue
  4. Which web browser was being used
  5. Whether you are accessing the internet through a hard-wired connection or a wifi network and if a wifi network, which one; noting that ND-guest has a firewall blocking access to NOVO applications and therefore if on campus, the eduroam network needs to be used
  6. The full message of any warning or error message that was displayed
  7. Indicate the steps to replicate the issue
  8. Screenshot of the error if possible