Study Abroad

The Office of the Registrar generates a report which lists all Off Campus/Study Abroad courses since Fall 2005. It is refreshed each Wednesday.

The Off Campus Course Report is sorted by department and location. Students planning to study abroad in a future semester can use this report to help them choose which program best fits their academic plan.

The University of Notre Dame has an extensive study abroad program which includes over 30 locations around the world. When an approved student goes on a study abroad program, all of their course work is posted to their academic record as if it were a Notre Dame campus class.

After a course has passed the approval process by the department and/or college, it is added to the University catalog. The department with which the course fits most closely, ‘adopts’ the course in their listing of classes. That department will assign a course number and indicate any equivalencies that course has on the main campus.

Students wishing to go on a Study Abroad/Off Campus program must seek approval from their academic dean's office and the Notre Dame International Office.

Please contact Lance Nettrouer at or 574-631-5598 with questions relating to the report.

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