Auditing a Class

According to the University Academic Code, only graduate students are allowed to audit a class. A grade of 'V' is placed on the student's record as evidence of class attendance and/or participation. (Graduate Academic Code, Section 4.3)

The grade of 'V' (auditor) has neither quality-point or credit-hour value. The audit must be requested before the sixth class day of the semester; the auditor should attend the course throughout the entire semester, and it is made part of his or her permanent record. The grade of 'V' cannot be changed to a credit-earning grade.

To audit a class, a student must first be eligible to register for the class by meeting all course requirements and obtain any departmental authorizations. After the student has registered for the class, he/she must request to be listed as an auditor. Graduate School students must receive permission of the instructor and then go to the Graduate School website, and fill in the "Course Audit Request Form". Graduate Architecture, Graduate Business, and Law School students should contact their college/school or e-mail This must be accomplished prior to the 6th class day for all graduate students. The request will be processed and the 'audit' status placed on the student's record. If a problem is encountered, the student will be contacted.

Please note, auditing a class will not result in the credit hours for the class being reduced to zero on the student's schedule. The course will continue to appear on the student's schedule and calculate into the attempted credit hours. The Office of Student Accounts will determine (based on full-time student status) whether there will be a charge for the class.

The instructor of the class will not submit a grade for the auditing student. An automatic audit grade of 'V' will appear on the instructor's grade list and on the student record.

It is the prerogative of the instructor to remove an auditor's name from the class list, if the student has not met a minimum standard of attendance and/or class participation required of an auditor by the instructor. In such a case, the instructor will need to fill out an Academic Course Change form to drop the student from the course. The instructor will then send the completed form to the Graduate School for approval. This should occur before or during the final grade submission period.

Students cannot attend a class without registering either for credit or audit.

Questions should be directed to the following: for Graduate School students for Graduate Architecture, Graduate Business, and Law School students.