Using PATH to Find Classes and Plan Schedule

PATH Class Search offers students the ability to search for classes and add them to a Plan which is saved directly into NOVO registration.

Creating PLAN in PATH

PATH Class Search is a task available through InsideND. Once in PATH, students can search, locate classes that they are interesting in registering for, and add them to a PLAN in advance of their registration time ticket beginning. A PLAN is created by clicking on "ADD TO PLAN" in the bottom right corner of the screen displaying section details of a class. PLANs may be created once the classes for the upcoming semester are published and viewable in PATH.

Registration Error Checking in PATH PLAN

Once a class has been added to a student's PLAN, PATH conducts a "pre-flight check" to see if the student is eligible to register for the class(es) in the PLAN. If there are restrictions on the class that the student doesn't meet or the class is full, an error message will be displaced in the PLAN. An explanation of the possible error messages can be found under Registration Error Messages.

Registering for Classes which are part of PLAN

Once a student has an active time ticket, they can access NOVO registration and see their entire plan displayed once they have logged into NOVO and gone into their registration screen for the appropriate term. Their PLAN will be displayed under the PLAN tab towards the top of their screen. From the PLAN tab, they can choose to add the entire plan or individual classes directly to their registration summary, i.e. their shopping cart. Once in their summary, they will need to click SUBMIT to register for their class(es) which have been added to their summary.

Helpful PATH PLAN resources