Registration Error Messages

What should I do if I get an error when I try to register for a class?

That depends on the error message. The key below can help explain what each error message means. The most common messages will be that a class is closed or that a student doesn’t meet the prerequisites for the class.

The error message reads:  What it means:

Classification Restriction Not Met

This class is restricted to a classification that the student does not meet, i.e., freshman, sophomore, junior, senior

Closed Section

All seats in this section are taken

College Restriction Not Met

This class is restricted to a college that the student does not belong to, i.e. College of First Year of Studies, Arts and Letter, Mendoza College of Business, etc.

Corequisite (+course and CRN required)

Student hasn't submitted the required co-requisite at the same time as the primary class

Degree Restriction Not Met

The class is restricted to students seeking a specific degree

Department Restriction Not Met

This class is restricted to students whose major/minor/concentration falls within a specific department

Department Approval Required

Student must obtain approval to take this class.  The message will give details as to where/how the student gets the approval.

Duplicate Course with Section (+course # of duplicated course)

Student is trying to register for the same course (either a different section or a cross listed class) which is already on their schedule

Level Restriction Not Met

This section is restricted to students with a specific level, i.e. Undergraduate, Graduate, Graduate Business, etc.

Major, Minor, Concentration Restriction Not Met

Student does not meet the major, minor, or concentration restriction

Missing Prerequisite(s) or Pre/Co-requisite(s)

Student does not have appropriate pre-requisite(s) or placement test score.

Over the Semester Credit Hour Limit

Student has reached maximum number of credit hours allowed for the semester. Contact your assistant or associate dean to request an overload

Program Restriction Not Met

Student does not meet the program restriction

 (+ the number of credit hours allowed) Credit(s) Already Received

Student has taken the course in past semesters, and would be repeating the course

Seat Allocation Filled

All seat allocations in the class are taken that match the student's qualifications (classifications, majors, etc.) are taken

Student and Campus Location Must Match

Student and course are at different campus locations

Time Conflict with (+ CRN of conflict)

Student has attempted to register for a class with the same time or overlapping times